Launch of “CONNECT,” a Communication App for Electricity Retailers

– Hokuriku Electric Power Company adopts it as their official app, “Hoku-Link membership service app” –


SB Power Corp.


SB Power Corp. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Akihiko Nakano, hereinafter “SB Power”), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. has started to provide “CONNECT,” a dedicated app for electricity retailers, incorporating the functions of the app offered by ENCORED JAPAN Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Akihiko Nakano, hereinafter “ENCORED”), as an all-in-one service for smart homes “CONNECT.”*1 “CONNECT” is a communication app that can be customized by electricity retailers for their subscribing customers, making electricity services and content more convenient for many customers. “CONNECT” has now been adopted by Hokuriku Electric Power Company (hereinafter “Hokuriku Electric Power”) and will be provided as their official app, “Hoku- Link membership service app,”*2 from January 12, 2022.


■Background of the release

SB Power has been utilizing the latest smartphone services and content of SoftBank Corp. and its group companies in its energy business, and it has developed Japan’s first app-based electricity saving service for households along with other various smart home solutions. Through such initiatives, SB Power is accelerating the improvements to connect with customers, such as developing a simple user interface and achieving a user experience so that customers can obtain necessary information anytime, anywhere, with push notifications which are unique to apps. SB Power provides services not only to “SoftBank Denki” subscribers, but also to other electricity retailers. Hokuriku Electric Power, who partners with SB Power on the “Hokuriku Electric Power- Bundle Ouchi Discount,” which is an electricity discount menu for households, has now adopted SB Power’s service as “Hoku-Link membership service app,” with their philosophy “to connect with customers and the local community” in mind.


■Features of SB Power’s “CONNECT,” the communication app for electricity retailers




①Utilizes the services and functions of “CONNECT” with an proven track record

The “CONNECT” app, developed by ENCORED in 2019 as an all-in- one smart home service, integrates 26 services and 131 functions into a single app, and is now being widely adopted by real estate developers and others. From a wide range of services and functions, each company can choose to provide what they need.


②Support for individual customization of power services and content

SB Power and ENCORED have developed and provided apps for electricity services, and have been strengthening them as customers’ points of contact. Utilizing the app development know-how which has been cultivated over the years, the two provide flexible customization to
electricity services and content required by each electricity retailer.


(Case Study)
Hokuriku Electric Power’s “Hoku-Link membership service app” provides visualization services among the various services and functions of “CONNECT.” In addition, Hokuriku Electric Power will provide customized functions to support the electronic use of their unique “Hoku-Link Points,” and to allow smooth access to member website from the app, which allows customers to use the company services conveniently.




Ⅰ.Visualization services

Displays the balance of electricity bills and “Hoku-Link Points.” It also
sends push notifications to confirm the electricity bill and to deliver special offers.


Ⅱ.Customization 1: Use of “Hoku-Link Points” by electronic means

“Hoku-Link Points” can be used instantly by reading the 2D code at partner stores mainly in the Hokuriku region, and points can be
exchanged easily on the app.


Ⅲ.Customization 2: Transition service to member websites

Customers can access Hokuriku Electric Power’s “Hoku-Link membership service” website without having to enter the information
required to log in.

*1: For more information regarding the all-in-one service “CONNECT” provided by ENCORED, refer to the following:

*2: For more information regarding “Hoku-Link membership service app” by Hokuriku Electric Power, refer to the following:


■Future prospects

SB Power and ENCORED will continue to accelerate the development of the most familiar and affordable energy services. The two will do this by utilizing the latest smartphone services and content of SoftBank Corp. and its group companies, and by utilizing electricity big data analysis technology based on AI (artificial intelligence). In addition, SB Power and ENCORED will take on the challenge of promoting and expanding new energy services by providing open services by SB Power and ENCORED to other electricity retailers so that more customers can use them.

・ Company names and product and service names mentioned in this press release are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.