Development of All-in-one Service for Smart Homes “Connect”

– Launched as a package solution integrating various smart home services into a single app and management system –



ENCORED JAPAN Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Akihiko Nakano; hereinafter “ENCORED”), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., is pleased to announce that the company has integrated the existing IoT service “Connect” with the electric power IoT service “ENERTALK” and other companies’ smart home services into a single app, a rich set of 26 services with 131 features, “Connect”, and developed this all-in-one service for smart homes as a package solution to be launched in July 2020.


IoT services have evolved significantly over the past few years in both products and services, and their expansion is expected to accelerate in the future. However, the current situation is that each service has its own separate application, which requires users to configure and manage the settings themselves, and this has become a barrier to expanding use. This all-in-one service “Connect” was developed with the aim of integrating complex settings and management into a single app so that all customers can use it every day without having to worry about its operation. In addition, a QR code has been prepared as a countermeasure to often time-consuming initial setup. Customers can now use the management service to automatically access all services by simply scanning a QR code. Various management services of “Connect” enable procedures and communication with customers in a richer support environment, even when they are not face-to-face.

To create the latest cutting-edge products and services, as well as linkages with other companies’ services in a timely and flexible manner, ENCORED will continue to develop technologies with a focus on “Connect”, and will continue to respond to customer needs that arise as IoT and smart home services evolve.

The all-in-one service “Connect” has been adopted by TOKYU LAND CORPORATION and KAJIMA CORPORATION for use in the residential tower at Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba, which is a joint development of specified projects in the National Strategic Special Zone Plan. The service is scheduled to be launched in July 2020. For details, please visit the following URL.

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