“Comfort Watch SMART” Launched as Japan’s First New Generation Gas Alarm Compatible with Smart Home Service

– Offering built-in Wi-Fi Bluetooth® communication module and standard support for smartphone apps and multi-sensor –



NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (Listed on JASDAQ; Securities code: 6824; Address: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka; President: Yoshinori Takahashi; hereinafter “New Cosmos Electric”) and ENCORED JAPAN Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Akihiko Nakano; hereinafter “ENCORED”), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., have collaborated to develop a new generation gas alarm “Comfort Watch SMART XW-735” (hereinafter “Comfort Watch SMART”), the first in Japan[1] to be compatible with smart home services, by linking up with ENCORED’s multi-sensor “Connect Sensor SEN1-FLG” (hereinafter “Connect Sensor”). A set of “Comfort Watch SMART” and “Connect Sensor” has been adopted by TOHO GAS CO., LTD. and SAIBU GAS CO., LTD., where the former will sell the set as “Lifeguard Alarm” on August 21 and the latter as “Comfort Watch SMART” on September 1[2].

Gas alarms have played an important role in providing customers with safety and peace of mind by detecting gas leaks, and have become increasingly sophisticated. For example, “Comfort Watch” released by New Cosmos Electric in 2015, equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, supports the function to warn customers of the danger of heat stroke and dryness. This time, by customizing the all-in-one service “Connect”[3], which incorporates ENCORED’s latest communication solutions and AI (artificial intelligence) edge computing technology, for gas alarms, ENCORED has expanded the basic functions of gas alarms and has added support for smart home services such as “Simple Security”, “Remote Alarm for Detector”, “Heat Stroke Prevention” and “Guarding Family”.

[1] As a gas alarm for smart home service. (Researched by New Cosmos Electric as of July 20, 2020)
[2] This product was also announced today by TOHO GAS CO., LTD. and SAIBU GAS CO., LTD.
[3] For more information on the all-in-one service “Connect”, please see the press release issued on June 30, 2020 (


■Differences between New Generation Gas Alarms and General Gas/CO Alarms


“Home Time” is on the rise, with the encouragement of stay home and the expansion of telecommuting to prevent the spread of COVID-19. New Cosmos Electric and ENCORED aim to evolve the new generation gas alarms into a central piece of hardware for providing services that make living environments more comfortable, and to cultivate new demand as one of the standard gas alarm services of the future.


■System configuration



■Five Services provided by Comfort Watch SMART and Connect Sensor



1. Gas Leak and carbon monoxide (CO) notice

When a gas leak or carbon monoxide (CO) generation is detected, the system notifies the user with a light and sound, and sends a push notification to the smartphone app.

2. Heat stroke warning and dryness notice

The temperature and humidity sensor built into the gas alarm monitors the temperature and humidity in the kitchen and notifies with a light and sound if the environment is prone to heat stroke or dry air, and sends a push notification to the smartphone app. In addition, the built-in temperature and humidity sensor in the Connect Sensor will send a push notification to the smartphone app when it detects an environment in the room where the Connect Sensor is installed is prone to heat stroke.[4]

3. Simple security and menacing sound

A push notification is sent to the smartphone app when it detects the opening or closing of a front door or windows during the time zone of the absent setting. By operating the smartphone app, users can trigger a menacing sound from the gas alarm.[4]

4. Guarding daily life

In the event that an elderly family member is immobilized in the house, a push notification will be sent to the smartphone app when the door is not detected open or close for a specified time period or longer in the set time zone. [4]

5. Check on returning home

A push notification is sent to the smartphone app when the communication with Connect Sensor placed in a school bag, etc. and the gas alarm is detected in the set time zone.[4]

[4] One Connect Sensor is required per service.


■Two technical features of “Comfort Watch SMART” and “Connect”


1. Service scalability

“Comfort Watch SMART” has been customized based on ENCORED’s all-in-one service “Connect”, and now supports the “Monitoring Service” and “Management Service”. Other smart home services can be expanded in the future to meet the customer needs.



2. Continued evolution with AI edge computing

“Comfort Watch SMART” processes data received from “Connect Sensor” within the gas alarm using ENCORED’s proprietary edge computing technology to automatically make the decisions necessary to provide the service. In addition, the gas alarm software can be updated remotely to add new services to ensure continued evolution.

New Cosmos Electric and ENCORED are committed to promoting the new generation gas alarm “Comfort Watch SMART” as one of the future standards for gas alarms nationwide.


Video introducing the Product and the Connect Sensor service

Please watch the video from here.

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