“Connect” Evolved to Integrated App Introduced in All Households of “Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba Residential Tower”

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ENCORED JAPAN Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Akihiko Nakano; hereinafter “ENCORED”), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., is pleased to announce that the company has developed an integrated app that allows the home IoT service “Connect” and the real-time electric power analysis service “ENERTALK” to be used in a single app, and will launch in the summer of 2020. This integrated app has been adopted by TOKYU LAND CORPORATION (hereinafter “Tokyu Land”) and KAJIMA CORPORATION for their joint project, “Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba Residential Tower” (hereinafter “Residential Tower”), and is expected to be introduced in all households. In addition to the basic functions of “Connect” and “ENERTALK”, it is also equipped with functions that allow various services supporting the smart lifestyle of the Residential Tower to be used.

IoT services have evolved significantly over the past few years in both products and services, and their expansion is expected to accelerate in the future. However, the current situation shows that each service has its own separate application, which requires users to configure and manage the settings themselves, and this has become a barrier to expanding use. With Tokyu Land, together upholding the slogan of “an user-friendly app for each and every resident”, we have developed and provided integrated app that transcends the boundaries of applications and services.

Integrated app (under development)


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■Home IoT Service “Connect”

By combining IoT sensors with the world’s smallest class plug-in type AI-powered gateway developed by our company, we provide functions such as simple security, checking on a child’s return to home, monitoring a remote family member, and heat stroke prevention.

Learn more about “Connect” here.


■Real-time electric power analysis service “ENERTALK”

By installing a dedicated IoT that can acquire electric power data every second on a distribution board, proprietary AI analyzes and predicts users’ living patterns and provides advice on electricity saving and various other topics.

Learn more about “ENERTALK” here.

 Dedicated IoT


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