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ENCORED Launched Japan’s First Plug-in LTE Network IoT Rooter “Connect Hub Cellular Model”

– No need for Wi-Fi settings. Just plug it in your outlet to get connected to various IoT services –

November 4, 2020




ENCORED JAPAN Inc., a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. (Corporate Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Akihiko Nakano; hereinafter referred to as “ENCORED”) has just released “Connect Hub Cellular Model” in November 2020. “Connect Hub Cellular Model” is an IoT rooter that connects users with “Connect” Service via LTE communication networks that are provided by SoftBank Corp. and other telecommunications carriers.


“Connect” Service is an all-in-one service that coordinates various IoT devices and integrates services into one application. Information on the IoT devices that are coordinated is sent to the application through cloud. With an eye on an rapid expansion of the IoT service market, ENCORED launched the IoT Router “Connect Hub Wi-Fi Model” last year, which integrated the information of a variety of IoT devices coordinated by “Connect” Service and has been driving forward various smart home services through the internet via Wi-Fi. This “Connected Hub Cellular Model” has new LTE communication connectivity: an added feature to the functionality of the existing “Connected Hub (Wi-Fi model)” and has evolved to the stage in which “Connect” Service can be accessed immediately by simply plugging this unit into an outlet, regardless of the internet infrastructure. With this, anyone can use this with ease anywhere they want without constraints on installation places, which can be projected to expand the scope of usage beyond Smart Home (IoT services to individual users) even to commercial and industrial solutions.



■ Illustrative Example of Connections

Employing the edge computing technology of a high performance CPU, incorporated inside, “Connect Hub Cellular Model” can analyze data from IoT devices and upload them to cloud as data processed for services. Accordingly, data of IoT devices are optimized without the need to be communicated with cloud or other external devices as they are so as to avoid unnecessary traffic, which will not only reinforce information security but also minimize the communication volume to cloud, leading to the availability of services at low cost.


ENCORED deploys patent technology and big data analytical technology that leverages its unique AI, thereby continuing to forge ahead with technological development for creation of pioneering and cutting-edge products and services.



■ Illustrative Example of “Connect” Service

For details, please access (



■ Product Features

  1. Japan’s First * Plug-in LTE Network IoT Rooter

Plug-in type and the industry’s smallest size pursuing ease of installation. Connectable to LTE telecommunication networks, provided by SoftBank Corp. as well as other carriers.


  1. Easy Installation and Setting

Just inserting this unit to an outlet can conclude connection with the internet without user operation. Ready to start using with no setting trouble.


  1. Built-in Edge Computing Technology

Equipped with a high-performance CPU. Only data processed for the service is uploaded to cloud without sending all data collected from IoT devices to cloud. Accordingly, data of IoT devices are optimized without the need to be communicated with cloud or other external devices as they are so as to avoid unnecessary traffic, which will not only reinforce information security but also minimize the communication volume, realizing the availability of services at low cost.


  1. One Unit Connectable with Multiple Devices

One unit is connectable to multiple IoT devices, and integrates the information of multiple IoT devices to one device prior to sending them, which eliminates the need for each device to access cloud separately. With compatibility to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, connectable with diverse kinds of IoT devices.


  1. Software Updating Function

With the software updating function through LTE communication, additions or changes of services in connection with new devices can be executed remotely even after its adoption and installation.


* Valid as of October 30, 2020 (checked by ENCORED)



■ Product Specifications


Product Specifications
Power source AC100V 50・60Hz
Current consumption Max. 0.2A
System requirements Temperatures: -10°C to 40°C

Humidity: 10% to 90%

External communication LTE Cat.M1
Internal communication Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)

Bluetooth version 4.2

Main external materials Flame Retardant ABS
External dimensions 41mm(W)×72mm(H)×23mm(T)
*excluding the insertion part



ENCORED has commenced initiatives to develop new IoT commercial and industrial solutions, drawing on “Connected Hub Cellular Model.” Yasashiite Corp., a company that provides home nursing care services, is rolling out a service as “Nursing Care Connect” that sends information, such as the status of seniors’ everyday lives (doors in their rooms are opened or closed), heat stroke, and outings at night, to a dedicated application in smartphone 24/7. In another field, New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. plans to sell “3Cs* Alarm System/Ventilation Forecast,” which measures the number of people in the room in a simplified way to notify the level of crowdedness in addition to visualizing the timing of changing the air in a room to promote adequate ventilation. (*3Cs: Closed spaces, Crowded places and Close-contact settings)


For details of “Nursing Care Connect,” please refer to the following URL.


For details of “3Cs Alarm System/Ventilation Forecast”, please refer to the following URL.


  • The contents, prices and specifications of products and services, contact points for inquiry and other information, described in this press release, are valid as of the release date. This information is subject to change without notice.
  • “Connect” is a registered trademark of ENCORED.


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